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Key features

A sustainable concept
  • The Jazia PVS concept is described under the bilateral governmental agreement between the governments of Tanzania and Switzerland, signed by MoHCDGEC and PO-RALG.

  • The Jazia PVS system was conceptualized and designed in a fully transparent and participatory approach involving regional, district and health facility stakeholders.

  • The Jazia PVS is sustainable as it is not a parallel system. It is built basing on existing government policies and guidelines and operates within the regional government structure.

A supplementary source to MSD and a safety net
  • The Jazia PVS serves as a safety net to the region in case of stock rupture at MSD and/or an unexpected spike in demand without compromising quality or price.

  • The Jazia PVS does not replace MSD but serves as a supplementary source for medicines and supplies out of stock or short supplied or not stocked by MSD.

  • The contracted Prime Vendor maintains sufficient stock level to meet supply shortfalls experienced from MSD.

Fixed costs and fiscal decentralization
  • The system does not utilize conventional source of funding e.g. funds deposited by the government at MSD for health facilities, but utilizes supplementary sources of funds such as user/cost sharing fees, CHF, NHIF and basket funds.

  • Districts pool their demand for supplementary medicines at the regional level, benefitting from uniform prices in all districts.

  • The PV system allows health facilities through Health Facility Governing Committees (HFGCs) to manage own funds following stringent SOPs hence enhancing fiscal decentralization. This is in line with the government policy of empowering health facilities to respond to community needs.

Delivery of quality medicines
  • The system supplies essential medicines and supplies of assured quality, safety and efficacy in accordance with the MoHCDGEC National Essential Medicines List and national oversight by the TFDA.

  • The system initially delivers to district headquarters; with option in the future to deliver directly to health facilities.

  • Public health facilities in the region have gained new options for improving drug availability without compromising quality or price.

Coordination, monitoring and expansion
  • The region operates a Jazia PVS office represented by a PV coordinator, a dedicated pharmacist and support staff to coordinate and monitor the performance of the system.

  • The system is closely managed and supported by mandated administrative structures such as a technical committee and a tender board appointed by the regional authorities. 

  • The Jazia PVS was successfully piloted in Dodoma region and expanded to Morogoro and Shinyanga regions.

  • Scale-up to all regions of mainland Tanzania was decided by the PO-RALG.

  • Technical support is provided by the Health System Strengthening Resource Centre (HSS-RC) at PO-RALG.

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